Kayaking Estero Americano

If you are looking for an easy, calm paddle North of San Francisco, you might want to go to Estero Americano. The put in for this paddle is Right Near Valley Ford (Here is a Google Map Pin for the Put In Location).

Our second trip with Peter and Sylvia was pretty windy with a current going against us on the way out. Nevertheless, we had a great time paddling the 6 scenic miles to the mouth of the Estero (round trip is 12 miles).

Peter Enjoying Estero Americano

Peter Enjoying Estero Americano

Once there, Peter and I played in the waves for a few minutes. Conditions were very good for playing in the waves (i.e. flood tide – easy to get back in)! We saw a fair amount of wild life in both directions.

Playing in the waves at Estero Americano

Playing in the waves at Estero Americano

On the way back, I set up a sail with my paddle and my paddle jacket. Max sailing speed was 4.5 mph during the strong gusts. The rest of the time, I could cruise at 3.5+ mph! Round trip distance is a little over 12 miles.

Here is what the Put-in at Estero Americano Looks Like

Here is what the Put-in at Estero Americano Looks Like. There is a dirt parking lot just off the road.

Put in can be challenging if the water is low. I think this place would benefit from some sort of dock. This location is only accessible by private boat – so there won’t be any cars to disturb you!

After the trip, I had some communication with a local land owner.
Here is the information that I was provided with:

Thank you for responding so quickly. The land surrounding the Estero
Americano is private agricultural land. The beaches at the mouth of the
Estero are owned by two agricultural land owners. Camping is only
allowed with permission from the land owners. Only after permission from the
land owner is obtained, a campfire permit can be obtained from the Marin
County Fire Department. Kayaking along the estero is only allowed during high
tides. Thank you for updating this information on your website. Please
email me if you have any more questions or concerns.


Nichola Spaletta (e-nspaletta@svn.net)

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