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Lake McDonnald

Bicycle Touring Across the USA

From March 31, 2001 to September 14, 2001, I rode across the United States via Canada. I took a 2.5 month hiatus in Colorado to work at Ajax Bikes in Basalt. Along the way,...

Our Taxi driver

Visit Cuba

This trip to Cuba is only logged for archival purposes. I’m basically blogging about what happened as opposed to providing a route guide. It is possible to cycle tour in Cuba, however for simplicity’s...


Bike Touring Central Mexico

From July 16, 1997 to August 5, 1997, I did a bike tour with my friend John Campise through Central Mexico. 07/16/1997 Sinaloa, Mexico.gpx 07/17/1997 Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.gpx 07/18/1997 Copala, Sinaloa, Mexico.gpx 07/19/1997 Loberas,...