Brian's Running, Cycling, Backpacking, and Kayaking Routes Let this route guide serve as the launching point for designing your own adventures!

You can use this map to find a route in your geographical range of interest. Foot routes are red, Water routes are blue, and Bike routes are green. You can use the button on the map with three horizontal bars to filter by activity type (just check the types you want to see; uncheck those that you don’t want to see). Each “pin” links to the Blog Post about the activity. Each activity has a corresponding GPS track that you can download for your own use. I often use other people’s GPS tracks for my own adventures – frequently modifying them to suit my tastes. I hope that you do the same with the GPS tracks that I am sharing. Often times you can learn from others’ routing mistakes, and you can follow their “breadcrumb trail” on your own GPS unit so you don’t get lost or have to spend time pulling out the map to frequently assess your position. If this map is too small to be useful, you can open it in a full screen by clicking this link.


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  1. Mark Watson says:

    Great resource – thanks. Just been reading up on you waterfall exploring adventures south of Oaxaca. May well follow in your tyre tracks…

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