Kayaking Angel Island

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Paddling around Angel Island from Sausalito can be very challenging – or very easy.  The current through Raccoon Straight can be so strong that you will get large standing waves (especially where the straight is the narrowest.  It can also be a very fun trip if you time your paddle according to the tides.  When the water is really moving, we have been able to attain speeds of over 7.5 mph through this straight.  Watching the island pass by so quickly is really fun.  If you are working against the current, make sure to take advantage of the eddies as you work your way around the island.  Keep in mind that the current is strongest in Raccoon Straight.  As such, you should time your paddle so the current is working FOR you when you pass through this section.  Landing is permitted at Ayala cove – and highly recommended.  IT’s a nice place to stop and have lunch.  Standing waves are most exciting at the northernmost end of the island, and in between Angel Island and Belvedere.  We have put-in at a public launch site at the intersection of Turney and Bridgeway in Sausalito.  Parking is tight, or non existent in this location.  We have asked permission to park from the nearby restaurant owner – but when they aren’t around, it is safest to park up the hill a ways (out of the metered parking region).  We’ve had to walk several blocks for parking.  You could also try to park near Sea Treks kayaks, but paid parking is tight there too (you will need to get a permit).

Raccoon Straight

As you return from Angel Island to Sausalito, you will get a good view of the Golden Gate Bridge (if it is not foggy). Raccoon straight is safer to pass than the main channel (the big shipping boats go through there).

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  1. Hops says:

    Nice Trip and another BTDT. I might add for some exercises in gaining confidence, our instructor took us out under the GGB in some fair sized wind swept horse tailed swells and had us “dump”. Nice to know I was able to survive. I am guessing Angel was a preferable paddle to Treasure.