Friends’ blogs

Nick Gault – Nick has ridden his bicycle from Alaska to Northern South America, and is on his way to Tierra del Fuego.  Nick is one of the last true adventurers, shunning the shorter, easier routes.  Nick has a dedication for completion, and has impressed me with his ability to “go back” and retrace his steps just to ride an “interesting section.”

Ryan and Camille – A blog written mostly by Camille with a wry sense of humor.  Mostly it is stories about their children.  Camille could professionally write short magazine clips; her style of story telling is unique and gets me laughing out loud with almost every post.

Leor Pantilat – Leor’s Blog is veritably the de facto guide to the Sierra and the Ventana.  In fact, if you’re searching for a route in either of these places, you may wish to check his blog before mine.  Many of my routes have already been covered by Leor.  He provides descriptive route information, plenty of pictures, and video.

Tom Lucey – A blog that catalogs Tom’s trip from California to the Tip of South America by bicycle – with surfboards in tow.

Chris and Tracey – This is a travel blog; Tracey updates it whenever they take a trip that lasts longer than a week.

Menso de Jong – At this point, a fledgling adventure blog, hopefully to be developed in more detail.

Dave and Sue – This is their travel blog.

Ryan Sherlock – A variety of topics; Bike Racing and food.

Dave and Becky – Lately, mostly about their journeys through European waterways on their boat “Wanderlust”

Wojciech Ganczarek – Travelling from Mexico to Tierra del Fuego

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