Category: Running

David on the well worn Santa Lucia Trail just after leaving Santa Lucia Memorial Campground.

Junipero Serra Peak

Junipero Serra Peak is a peak of many names. It has also been named just “Serra Peak” (what the register says), or Santa Lucia Peak.. or even Pimkolam Summit (this was the Native American...

Wonderful Oaks along the Spruce Creek Trail

Dutra Creek Circumnavigation

This was an exquisite run in the Silver Peak wilderness on mostly runnable trails. The first section, climbing Salmon Creek Falls trail takes you through a shaded riparian environment. The falls are a short...

View of the hotel.  It has room for 40 guests.  You can make a reservation to spend the night (details below) or you can just eat a great meal at the restaurant like we did.

Aescher Route

Because we were on a bicycle, we started the Aescher Route at the end of Bibern road. We saw people walking up this quiet road from their hotels in Schwende… but you can access...