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Going somewhere on a bicycle with fat tires and suspension

Some bench dropping in camp

Highway 108 and Highway 4 Mountain Biking

This post introduces two spectacular mountain bike loops on national forest land.  It also catalogs a few other great rides near Highway 4. 09/05/2009 Riding Near Utica Reservoir (short route) – 5 miles, 375′ of...

Emerald Lake just below Schofield Pass

Mountain Biking in Colorado

Day1 – 08/23/2008 Hole in the Ground Trail 16 miles, 2000′ of climbing Day3 – 08/25/2008 Solitude Ski Resort Smoky Day 18 miles, 3000′ of climbing. Day4 – 08/26/2008 Mid Mountain Spiro Trail – Park City Day5...