Bike Touring South America

This page is the hub that links to sub posts for our bicycle trip from Bogota, Colombia to La Paz Bolivia. Immediately below is a live map of our progress. Below that, I’ll post Links to Blog posts as I write them. Blue colored track represents non-bike travel (such as bus or boat). Yellow represents air travel. Pink and Red represent human powered travel (alternating colors for alternating days).

This is an (almost) live, moving GPS Map of the route taken. The line is made from our actual GPS track, but 90% of the GPS points are discarded (for faster page loading).

Colombia Routes

Route 1 : Cycling Zipiquira to Raquira
Route 2 : Cycling Duitama to Guican
Route 3 : Las Lagunillas Foot Route
Route 4 : Ritacubas Foot Route (recommended, loop)
Route 5 : Medellin to Manizales by Bike
Route 6 : Manizales to Los Nevados by Bike (aesthetic, but illegal)
Route 7 : Manizales to Las Brisas Entrance of Nevados Ruiz (recommended, loop)
Route 8 : Manizales to Santa Rosa de Cabal via PNN Nevados Ruiz
Route 9 : Pereira to Filandia Adventure off-road route (difficult)
Route 10 : Filandia to Salento via Cocora Valley
Route 11 : Salento to Ibague via Toche (recommended, difficult)
Route 12 : Ibague to Neiva via Tatacoa Desert.
Route 13 : Neiva to Tierradentro by Bike.
Route 14 : Exploring Tierradentro (foot route).
Route 15 : Tierradentro to Popayan by Bicycle.
Route 16 : Popayan to Purace (North Side) by Bicycle.
Route 17 : Purace to San Agustin (via Coconuco) by Bicycle.
Route 18 : Fin del Mundo (foot route, recommended).
Route 19 : Trampolin del Muerte (bicycle, difficult, recommended).
Route 20 : Circunvalar a Galeras (recommended).
Route 21 : Volcan Azufral Ascent (bicycle).
Route 22 : Laguna de Cumbal.

Ecuador Routes

Route 23 : Cycling through El Angel Nature Preserve.
Route 24 : Cycling around Otavalo.
Route 25 : Cycling to the refugio at Cayambe.
Route 26 : Bike Touring Cayambe to Pululahua.
Route 27 : Cycling the Pululahua Crater. (difficult, recommended)
Route 28 : Riding from Mindo to Quito via Nono. (moderate, recommended)
Route 29 : Galapagos – Not a bike route, but a boat route.
Route 30 : Cotapaxi by Bike.
Route 31 : Quilotoa circuit by Bike. (includes a foot route)
Route 32 : Quilotoa to Baños by Bike.
Route 33 : Baños to Chimborazo by Bike.
Route 34 : Chimborazo to Guasuntos via TEMBR. (difficult, recommended)
Route 35 : Guasuntos to Cuenca via Ingapirca.
Route 36 : Taking the TEMBR from Cuenca to Jima. (variation of our route recommended)
Route 37 : Taking the TEMBR from Cuenca to Jima.
Route 38 : Loja to the Peru Border via Podocarpus.

Peru Routes

Route 39 : Peru / Ecuador Border to Jaen, Peru.
Route 40 : Jaen to Kuelap (near Chachapoyas, recommended).
Route 41 : Exploring Kuelap and Leymebamba (includes foot routes, recommended).
Route 42 : Leymebamba to Celendin (recommended).
Route 43 : Celendin To Huamachuco.
Route 44 : Routes Around Huamachuco (some foot routes, recommended).
Route 45 : Huamachuco to Yungay (amazing mountain pass, recommended).
Route 46 : Yungay to Oyon via Cordillera Huayhuash (glaciers, recommended).
Route 47 : Oyon to Huancayo via Rio Cañete (hot springs and waterfalls, recommended).
Route 48 : Choquequirao (foot route, recommended).
Route 49 : Machu Picchu.

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